The Mythical Scroll cont’d

Part Two

We arrived in New York around noon Tuesday, Feb. 5 after a long train ride and just in time for the lunch crush. Our cab driver made his way to the hotel slowly, streets packed, construction everywhere as usual.

We left our bags and went out to breathe in the city, walk the streets, feel the energy.

Our first stop was Rockefeller Plaza, to see the ice skaters. I could spend hours there. It always feels hidden and private, and the cold air from the rink makes it seem like Christmas no matter what the temperature. Behind the skaters is that wonderful art deco statue and the RCA (now GE) building close by.

From there we meandered through that building, admiring the interior wall paintings, done in the WPA style of the art-deco age, heavy on realism and hearty people doing a hard day’s work.

It seemed fitting to see the United Nations building, since Greg hasn’t seen it before. It is after all the seat of so many important world matters, though the building itself is modest and forgettable.

We walked through a narrow park and down a side street and at last were there, admiring the low structure and wishing flags were flown more often on the poles circling the place. A group was protesting, politely, across the street as we climbed the stairs to Second Avenue.

By the time we ambled up Park Avenue it was already getting dark, so we went back to the hotel and had dinner in the cafe downstairs. We were just getting ready to call it an early night … and watch Dr. House … when my good friend D called and was on his way to meet us. He’d just looked at a new apartment in Queens.

We visited for some time as he told us about the apartments and his new job. Greg and I were upstairs in time to see the last half of House and make plans for the next day.

AHEAD: Tibetan armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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