Spring Monday

A sunny morning in Fiction Daily-Land, and what a weekend it was.

Saturday morning I knew something was up with the bluebird babies … they were restless all week and I imagined it was time to fledge.

Mama Bluebird fed them in the box that morning, but by mid-day, she was no longer visiting the box … she was taking worms to the highest tops of the nearby pine trees.

By the afternoon, I felt confident enough they were gone and when I opened the box, there was the next. It looked like a fraternity house after a party!! My mama bird this year was different than in years past and she wasn’t very much of a housekeeper.

The good news is that there were no bodies left in the nest, so all four must have made it out.

Bluebirds are remarkable … they emerge from their nest fully formed so to speak, able to fly to the tops of trees. In years past, the parents have taken their younglings down the street, but this year, they’re staying close to home. I am still feeding them meal worms … I hope they’re able to support themselves soon … between the dogs, cats and birds, I feel like telling the world, “Get a job, y’all!!”

Another note before starting the literary week … a friend and neighbor who’s almost 8 years old came over yesterday to help me with yard work. What fun we had!! If you’ve never gardened with an 8-year-old, you must do it at least once.

I learned all about roly-poly bugs … they have quite complex societies, according to her. There are the babies, who are the size of “three specks.” Then there are the senior citizens, who, she told me, “walk three steps then take a nap, walk three steps and take a nap.”

Tomorrow we’ll be back On the Road.

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