Oh, Library!

It’s Tuesday in Fiction Daily-land and I am wrapping up some assignments today, possibly looking at a clearer slate for writing later this week.

Last night was TV night. I watched the first part of the season finale for House M.D. … I know, I know, is it sacrilege to talk about TV on a writing blog? But I do love Dr. House. The good doc is played by British master and OBE Hugh Laurie, if that’s any defense.

My excuse for watching “Lost” is … well, there is none, except that it’s serial narrative at its finest, in the tradition of Dumas and Dickens.

This week I’ll be taking a look at “On the Road,” but before doing so, wanted to mention an institution and pay tribute.

Yes, the humble library deserves a few column inches today. Yesterday I was returning my copy of Frankenstein, and wandered to the New Fiction display, as I always do.

There, I found a copy of The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. I picked it up; the name sounded familiar and the prose at a glance had authenticity. I riffling through other books, many forgettable, others to check out later.

Happenstance at the library is how I discovered the writings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama; it’s how I picked up Mary Shelley’s Modern Prometheus.

We think we have everything settled with our Internet and personal libraries.

And yet for sheer joy and spontaneous discovery, does anything match a library?

It’s not sentimental; the place was packed.

Take a half hour sometime and browse through those wonderful stacks.

HIS HOLINESS THE 14TH DALAI LAMA issues words of condolence to the Chinese who suffer from the earthquake in Sichuan Province.

2 Responses to “Oh, Library!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Happy to report that Durham’s library is always comfortably crowded every time I go there … usually twice a week. Browsing those shelves is the balm of Gilead for the intellectually curious. Want to know how to fix your car’s air conditioner? It’s there! Dying to know more about the history of the guava? Look it up! Researching characteristics of the mating dance of gila monsters? Go to the library! It’s even better than Google!

    Fort Lauderdale, for all its drawbacks, has one of the greatest main libraries in the States.

    Let’s talk more about libraries!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I feel like a neglectful parent sometimes with our library … going months without a visit. That must end! I can honestly say my life has changed because of visits to the library … when I think of those titles I pick up simple because they’re on view, no one marketing them, no titles screaming as at the big green book-selling chain (you know who you are).

    Moreover, you can rent DVDs there, too! Oh Library, we are not worthy.
    —- MB

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