Message from HH

On Saturday, the Armed Police fired into a crowd including monks of the Tonkgor monastery, who were conducting a peaceful protest, killing eight Tibetans.

Protests continue as the Olympic torch makes it way across Europe, and police are out in force today in Paris to keep its 17-mile route clear of banners and signs.

Oddly enough, the Parisian authorities are clearing the route of anyone with Tibetan flags. French and Chinese flag holders are allowed to stay. It’s a frightening thought when the world’s freest countries are suppressing peaceful expression.

The attention now focusing on Tibet has shown the world more about that country’s plight, but it’s unclear whether Tibetans will ever have a free country again.

Chinese rule has become unsupportable for the monks who now bear the brunt of the re-education taking place. It has also been revealed that two elderly and important monks died last autumn under mysterious circumstances; they helped find and recognize the Panchen Lama, a key figure for Tibetan Buddhists.

Last month, two monks committed suicide:Lobsang Jinpa wrote on his signed suicide note, “I do not want to live under Chinese oppression even for a minute, leave aside living for a day.”

Legtsok (75 years of age, from Ngaba Gomang monastery), was the other monk to commit suicide. On his way to perform prayer rituals for a Tibetan family, he was encountered by a contingent of large Chinese forces who beat him severely. He was then detained for a few days and later returned to his monastery. Before he committed suicide, he told his two students that he could not bear living under such oppression by the Chinese. Read more on

His Holiness has issued a new statement on the occasion of International Prayer Day organized by Tibetans in northern India.

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