Mind games

Meetings today and more projects. Yesterday I walked away from my desk at 7 p.m. … after starting at 7 a.m. … my mind was pretty much shot! So starting over again today with a pile of notes, lists and calls to make.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has posted a heartfelt appeal, which you can read here.

Today reports from China and Tibet say authorities have called for “harsh punishments” … re-education and propaganda campaigns. More than 1,000 have been arrested.

Authorities want to present the world an image of a well-run, efficient emerging super-power. Yet signs indicate this image is extorted from human tears and suffering.

Yesterday Chinese authorities claimed Buddhist activists were plotting as “suicide bombers” to disrupt the government.

Hello? Anyone home? A Buddhist suicide bomber?

Buddhists spend years meditating on compassion, kindness and peace. This meditation is undertaken not only to create a better life now, but to create circumstances for a better rebirth in the next life.

To act as a suicide bomber could lead to rebirth in the Hell realms or into an unpleasant life full of suffering, from my basic understanding of Buddhist principles.

The statement shows the authorities’ utter misunderstanding of the deep human spiritual values that lead us to practice our religions, whatever they are.

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