B-Ball seasons

Am I the last person on the planet to find out that Yankee Stadium, The House that Ruth Built, is to be shuttered?

New York city is building a “New Yankee Stadium,” and our beloved old stadium will no longer be used. I read that it will be turned into park land … that’s good to hear, since the new stadium wiped out large, public parks in the Bronx.

Sports has been colored so much by money these days … never is that so obvious as during the NCAA men’s college basketball playoffs. But ignoring it, and refusing to be cynical, I always enjoy the tournament.

These final two games can become something other than college basketball … they’re spectacles, a circus. I’ve seen teams fall apart in the final game (the Heels did in 1981).

My beloved Tar Heels play in the Final Four this weekend. I have marveled at Davidson (N.C.), a small college of 1,700 near Charlotte. It scratched and clawed its way among the big dogs and made it to the regional finals last week. Dominated the game, would have won if a final 3-point basket had gone in. That … is … the … game.

So on Saturday, my Heels play Kansas. Plenty of drama there, too. We Heels consider Roy Williams, our coach, an old part of the family, since he coached with Dean Smith before going to Kansas in the late 1980s, where he was embraced and adored.

In 2003, he left that university and came home. We were overjoyed; the Jayhawks, crushed.

On Saturday, the teams meet for the first time since then.

With any luck, before the games that night, we’ll be hiking at Medoc. Last weekend was just too dreary to get outside and I need some fresh air.

Still waiting for the book about Jack Kerouac in Rocky Mount.

No news today from Tibet. If you haven’t visited His Holiness’s Web site, it is worthy as a “favorite.” www.dalailama.com

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