New project

There is good … and tepid … news in Fiction-Dailyland as a new week begins.

The bad-ish news is that I will have to delay my return to writing the novel for a few weeks.

The good news is that I have a challenging new project that will probably stretch my abilities in new ways. I’ll be working on a major effort to renew a prestigious credential for a large organization and my role will be to help with the presentation, to give it a narrative flow and a few flourishes here and there, amongst all the dry documentation.

For instance, I will be writing brief features to open chapters of documentation, introductory passages, titles.

It is an exciting undertaking and will likely consume much of the next month or more … Fiction Daily will keep you posted on all the riveting details.

On Friday I made the short trip to New Bern where I dropped off my audio files for “The Mythical Scroll: Finding Jack Kerouac in New York City” at the public radio studio. I also did an impromptu appeal for contributions for them to use during the spring pledge drive … sometimes I can just go on about nothing at all for minutes at the time … uh, am I doing that now?

One Response to “New project”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fret not about a temporary delay on the novel’s progress. Yes, it takes discipline and committment and, as Walter Mosley says, putting your butt in the chair and your face in the manuscript for at least three hours a day. But also, Walter Mosely is rich and doesn’t need to work on anything except his novels. The rest of us find it hard to work our regular eight-hour-per-day jobs and then put an additional three hours in on top of that. Anyway, based on my weekend reading of “Mackerel Sky,” you have found that elusive thing: your writer’s voice. It will be there when you have an opportunity to return to the novel, but for entirely selfish reasons I hope that return will not be too long in coming!

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