Peace comes outside

If you saw “An Inconvenient Truth,” you may remember the opening scene. It shows a clear stream, wooded bank and meadows. Al Gore says something like when he returns to this place, he feels a sense of relief, as if his soul is saying “Ahhh.”

If no other reason, that one alone is why I feel so strongly about our planet and its creatures and plants.

Yesterday, I sat on my front porch for some time. The juncos have arrived from the north and they clustered, starving after traveling hundreds of miles. They filled my yard and their sounds, a muffled peeping, is one of the most ethereal you’ll hear in a winter yard.

Yesterday I felt that sense of “Ahhhh.” It’s why I hike, camp, go for runs and work in my garden. In nature, I feel unified with myself, inside and out. Anxiety, stress, worries and sadness simply aren’t there.

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